Price List Information

Can the prices listed on change?
We recognize the hard struggle that most businesses give to grow and we try not to change the price list of our services. Nevertheless, prices may change.
Prices listed on may not apply to the various services you provide?
The policy we follow is to try to keep the current price list, which is the one listed on the pages of But because each customer has different requirements - expectations e.g. from the website/application he wants to develop, or from the results of a marketing campaign, etc., prices may vary.

Prices for printing services may also vary, as described in the description of these products. This is because it is not up to us to set the print prices.

Do the prices listed on include VAT?
Yes, all prices listed on include VAT. 24%.
Are the prices listed on a ​​lump sum payment?
As a rule, the prices listed on the website are for a lump sum payment. However, there are products such as e.g. CloudBlog Starter, CloudHotel Starter, and CloudShop Starter in which the price refers to payment per year. Also per year, are the prices for web hosting. In any case, if the price does not apply to a one-time payment, it is usually stated in the product description.
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