PanagiotaBarka - Business Website

PanagiotaBarka - Business Website

PanagiotaBarka - Business Website

In June 2018 we had the opportunity to create an alternative business website - personal blog, Alternative because it focuses on Theta Healing methods aimed at alternative energy therapies.

The desire of the owner Barca Panagiota to create a blog that will deliver the knowledge and treatment to those who need it, prompted us to create a blog-type website that emphasizes both in appearance and useful content.

Opensource Business Website

The implementation of the website was done with wordpress (opensource blog) and a ready-made template was used on which we made many changes in order to achieve this aesthetic and functional result.

Logo Design

The graphic designer of Cloud O.E. company with lots of experience in graphic design created a unique logo for the business website.

PanagiotaBarka - Business Website

The main concern from the beginning was to create a user-friendly business website, without a lot of graphics that will distract visitors from the valuable content.

We hosted the opensource business website on Cloud O.E.'s high-speed servers in the Netherlands, which are offering speed and safety to its visitors.


After creating the website, we took the time to train the owner to manage her website. In order to achieve this, we created over 30 how-to video tutorials that explained each function of the website.

We thank Barka Panagiota and wish her every success in her new beginning!

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