Palaio - Business Website - Tripoli

Palaio - Business Website - Tripoli

Palaio - Business Website - Tripoli

At the beginning of 2018, we were asked by the owner of a local trading company of old items,, to update the website of his business.

The previous business website was built many years ago, so it didn't display properly on mobile phones and many of the flash elements it contained didn't work.

As a result, his website did not appear on Google's results pages and therefore did not attract customers.

The Creation - Business Website

The owner, being our old client, left to us the decision of how to develop the website with a single request: to keep the look of his old website. He didn't want anything new and modern so it matches the style of the old objects displayed on its pages.

The freedom of movement that has been given to us, has allowed us to apply all the search engine optimization techniques in which we specialize.

We started by creating the look of the website, with modern code but minimal style and our first concern to appear correctly on mobile devices - mobile-first and second, to be as fast as possible when opening and when browsing by visitors.

When creating the look, we incorporated all On-Page SEO techniques for optimal search engine visibility.

For the functions of the website, of course, we chose CloudBlog Premium, a Custom application for managing the content of a business website.

By writing code, we created all the functions that the owner would need to manage the content of his website.

The results - Business Website

We will not just speak in words about the results of our efforts, but also in terms of data from Google Analytics.

At this point, we would like to emphasize the fact that, despite our constant request to the owner of the website to create descriptions on the objects that appear on his website, unfortunately he does not have the necessary free time to implement it.

Palaio - Business Website - Tripoli

As you can see from the Google Analytics traffic graph, we received a website, at the end of 2017, with 0 visitors and we have managed to reach 400 organic visitors a day in less than 2.5 years.

The sharp curve that appears at the beginning of mid-2018 and has exceeded 15.000 visitors, is the result of a Pay-Per-Click campaign we developed. To learn more about how we approach Digital Marketing in its entirety, please visit our Digital Marketing page.

Let's take a closer look at this period.

Palaio - Business Website - Tripoli

As shown in the image above, as our customer paid for a Google Ad, traffic was skyrocketing. But the two points we need to focus on are different.

The first thing you need to pay special attention to is the zero visitors that the business website had when it stopped advertising.

The second point is the abandonment rate - Bounce Rate which is particularly high during the period when the ad was running. As shown in the picture above, the abandonment rate for Referral Traffic is 86.55%, at the same time that the abandonment rate by organic visitors is only 47.45%.

What do the above mean in simple words? An ad may bring visitors to your business website, but that doesn't mean that those visitors are interested in what you're trying to promote.

If we remove from the chart the period when the ad ran, you can see the continuous and steady upward trend of traffic, with organic results accounting for 87.2% of total traffic, the total Bounce Rate being at 57.6% so each user to view an average of 3.21 pages, visitors to have reached 400 per day and our client's website to be nationwide in the first place of users searches for old items.

Palaio - Business Website - Tripoli

We thank the owner of the website for the trust he has shown us and we wholeheartedly wish him good luck in his job.

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