Imaginus - Photographer's Website - Tripoli

Imaginus - Photographer's Website - Tripoli

Imaginus - Photographer's Website - Tripoli

In May 2019 we had the pleasure to work with a professional wedding photographer Konstantinos Zacharopoulos to reconstruct the website of the business.

Mr. Zacharopoulos wanted a minimal photographer's website without many colors and graphic designs. The reason; On a white canvas, his artistic photographs would catch the eye of visitors, even more! From the beginning, the goal for the wedding photographer was to rank high in the search engines and increase his organic traffic.

Photographer's Website - The Creation

We started creating the photographer's website using our Custom CloudPhoto Platform. This platform belongs to the family of CloudBlog business websites created by our company Cloud O.E. with custom code from scratch.

We hosted the CloudPhoto photographer's website on our high-availability web server in the Netherlands.

Photographer's Website - Search Engine Optimization

We continued with the Search Engine Optimization of the website using the On-Page Seo package of our company. After the on-page optimization of the website we compiled, in collaboration with Mr. Zacharopoulos, targeted texts using Copywriting techniques.

The new photographer's website, although it now contains several high-resolution images on the home page, loads only 781 milliseconds, according to Pingdom results.

Imaginus - Photographer's Website - Tripoli

Now, we just have to wait for the results!

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