Iamata Shop - eCommerce - Tripoli

Iamata Shop - eCommerce - Tripoli

Iamata Shop - eCommerce - Tripoli

In January 2019 we were given the opportunity to create an eCommerce of a new company that focuses on health and Ev Zin The owner of the company, Katsoula Despina, knowing the requirements of e-Business, did not want an opensource eCommerce platform, which is accompanied by so many bugs and malfunctions. Instead, he asked us to develop a custom eCommerce platform with code written by hand from scratch from our company.

The reasons why you should choose a custom eCommerce can be found here.

The Development - eCommerce

We started the creation of the online store using our custom platform CloudShop Premium, dividing the project into front-end and back-end. The front-end had to be extremely lightweight, beautiful, fully-functional, and user friendly. Great care was paid to the cart and especially on the quick checkout so that not a single order is lost. The back-end had to be easy to manage, and include all those features that will help its administrator perform the various processes easily, quickly, and smoothly. The online store was hosted on a very fast web server of Cloud O.E. in the Netherlands optimized for maximum speed and security.

Optimization - eCommerce

After creating the custom eCommerce, we spent a lot of time optimizing it with our On-Page SEO package so that it looks 100% correct on search engines. The secret throughout the process was that in parallel with the creation of the online store we applied from scratch all the available Search Engine Optimization techniques and we did not have to make any corrections during the optimization process.

The Results of the eCommerce

The online store was completed and uploaded live at the end of April 2019. From the very first week of its operation, we managed to have perfect indexing. In the first month, the Google search engine presented the online store in privileged positions in specific keywords.

Through the advanced statistics of our platform, you can see that the Google search engine is crawling the online store more than 10 times a day.

Iamata Shop - eCommerce - Tripoli

In 2 months from the date of operation, as you can see in the image below from Google Analytics, we managed to surpass and stay steadily over 500 users per month. Within a year of its launch, the online store has surpassed 1,600 users per month and is fast-moving upwards.

Iamata Shop - eCommerce - Tripoli

If you have any questions on how visitors were obtained we quote the following image, also from Google Analytics, where you can see that over 60% of visitors are from organic searches on Google. To learn more about how we approach Digital Marketing in its entirety, please visit our page on Digital Marketing.

Iamata Shop - eCommerce - Tripoli

We thank Ms. Katsoula Despina for her trust and wish her every success in her new beginning.

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Καταπληκτικα προιοντα! Οικολογικα,φυσικα,φυτικα!! Οτι χρεαζεται μεσα απο την φυση μας!!

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