Drossinis Museum - Museum Website

Drossinis Museum - Museum Website

Drossinis Museum - Museum Website

At the end of 2018, we were entrusted with an important museum, Drossinis Museum, in order to create a new museum website. The Georgios Drossinis Museum is located in the center of Kifissia and it is housed in "Amaryllis" villa, where Georgios Drossinis lived in the last years of his life and which is named after the central heroine of one of the earliest and most popular works of the poet.

For us, Cloud O.E. It was a great challenge and at the same time a great honor to work with such a great museum to create its website.

The request from the museum society was to create a handy and at the same time a very safe museum website, free from problems and malfunctions.

Development - Museum Website

We could also gain usability with an opensource platform, however, we did not want to involve the society with additional costs for updates so that the platform can be always upgraded and secure.

That's why we chose to use the CloudBlog platform that we have created in Cloud O.E. with custom code written line by line, without unnecessary code and security gaps.

Appearance - Museum Website

Although the CloudBlog platform contains a predefined look, we chose to create a look from scratch so that the new museum website is truly unique.

Throughout our effort, the museum society was by our side, supplying us with important texts, articles, events, and photographs of the museum. We are proud to have been able to bring life, through a museum website, in the poems and prose of one of the pioneers of the New Athenian School, G. Drossini.

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