Wordpress Problems and Solutions

Konstantinos Roumeliotis on 23-07-2019. Modified on 19-09-2020
Wordpress Problems and Solutions

Wordpress Problems and Solutions

Wordpress is the largest opensource blogging platform in the world. Plenty of developers and designers have worked and created beautiful templates and plugins for the Wordpress platform that can meet your every wish.

Plugins for creating online shops, plugins for creating a social network, plugins for creating online freelancing job pages and the list of features never ends. More than 55,000 plugins are available right now.

You can easily install the platform found on the company's official website, choose a free or premium template, install some free or premium plugins, and a beautiful website is ready for you.

So easy! But no one talks about the problems you will face as long as you use the Wordpress opensource platform.

Below, we will try to identify any problems you may encounter when using an opensource Wordpress platform and we will suggest solutions to minimize the chances of these problems occurring.

Wordpress security issues

Wordpress, like all open source platforms that are distributed free of charge to the public, has many security problems. Consider that the Wordpress code is open to the public, in other words, any experienced malware developer can detect problems and exploit the code for their benefit.

Something to mention here is that all platforms, regardless of their creator, have security problems or bugs in their code.

As we mentioned in our previous articles, the core of Wordpress consists of well-written code with no major bugs and security issues.

On the other hand, the plugins we all add to the core of Wordpress, are those that hide many bugs and security issues.

But why?

Many of the plugins are not created by developers within the Wordpress developers team. Any user can create a plugin and make it available, free of charge or not, to other Wordpress users. No one checks the developer's knowledge and no one checks the plugin for bugs and security issues.

The solution! Before installing a plugin, always check its page for reviews from other users. Don't just look at the number of stars and reviews. Read the reviews carefully for the problems experienced by users who had already installed the plugin. Even though it's not binding, you can also visit the developer's page. Finally, notice when the plugin was last updated. If the plugin hasn't been upgraded for more than a month, then the developer may have abandoned it.

Wordpress Plugins Compatibility with upgrades

Important Note: Never forget to upgrade the core of Wordpress, as soon as an upgrade is available. You should do the same with plugins upgrades.

To avoid the hassle of upgrades, you can find plugins that automatically upgrade your Wordpress, which we do not recommend and will explain below.

Upgrading the core of Wordpress means you should definitely upgrade and the plugins you use. But what if the plugin developers have not yet released an upgrade? Your website may have compatibility issues between the new version of Wordpress and the plugin version. If we are talking about a plugin that simply displays a slider, at worst it will not show up, but if we are talking about an order plugin or a communication form plugin, the problem is severe as your customers will not be able to place an order or contact you.

Even if the plugin you haven't upgraded does not cause a problem on your website, the code may be outdated creating security issues.

The solution! Check every day whether the core or the plugins have released upgrades and install them immediately. If a plugin hasn't upgraded for a while, simply disable it or replace it with an upgraded one. You should prefer to buy premium plugins that are more likely to offer more frequent upgrades than free ones.

If the Wordpress page is violated

If your Wordpress page is hacked and you have no recent backups, you may never be able to solve the problem as no professional developer will be able to troubleshoot the code generated by another developer.

The solution at this point would be to uninstall all the plugins, upgrade the kernel, and then find new plugins compatible with the new version. Under no circumstances should all of the above be done on the live website. You need to download the latest backup and perform the necessary tasks at localhost.

The Wordpress website code is messy

Not to be misunderstood, the Wordpress kernel code is incredibly well written. However, plugins installed on kernel code are often very messy.

You will have noticed that many plugins use in-line CSS and JS which are scattered within the code. Certainly, none of your customers will see the code on your page. A messy code can, however, deprive you of speed and therefore visitors.

Unless you contact the creator of the plugin and ask him to tuck his code, a solution to this problem cannot be given.

SEO implemented with plugins will not be what you expect

You may not be an SEO expert and you want to choose an SEO plugin to attract more visitors to your website organically.

There are thousands of free and paid SEO plugins, however,  you should carefully choose the right ones. Don't try to combine plugins for SEO, as there may be duplicated code that will be negatively evaluated by search engines. Prefer to buy an SEO plugin to make sure your money pays off.

Of course, even if you choose to buy a premium SEO plugin, the resulting code will not be clean and may further burden your page. One key principle in SEO is the speed of the page load, as well as the well-written code so that the search engines understand what each line of code represents.

The solution! Find a premium SEO plugin with good reviews. Seek the help of an SEO professional. He will advise you on which plugin meets your needs or suggest custom Search Engine Optimization solutions.

In summary, Wordpress is not bad, it is actually a great tool. You can build a free website for your business or online store within a few hours. However you will need to invest time (in upgrades and finding the right plugin) and money (in the premium plugin market) to achieve a stable, trouble-free website with no security issues, malfunctions or bugs.

If we finally consider the cost of time to find the right plugins and the stress of doing upgrades, security issues and malfunctions we mentioned in SEO, it might be better to invest money in a custom eCommerce or business website development.

If you're still a Wordpress fan, Cloud O.E's experienced team can help you with any problem or create a Wordpress website for you.

For any questions you may have, please contact us.

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