When you should build a new business website?

Alexandros Nasiopoulos on 04-07-2019. Modified on 12-09-2020
When you should build a new business website?

How do you know it's time to build a new business website?

Does your website look like it was built in the dinosaur era? Does it take ten seconds to show or there are errors in the code due to outdated versions? Does your business website not appear anywhere in the search engine results?

There are many signs that it is time to build a new website for your business.

Whether you are a freelancer, marketing or selling products or providing services, your business website is the most important online tool for guiding your sales, promoting your goods or services and reaching new customers.

It is also the one who will tell the first story about you to the visitors who will find you online. An outdated business website gives the impression that you are not interested in the detail of your work and may, even worse, give the impression that you do not care about the image you are presenting.

During our many years in web design, we have heard various reasons why entrepreneurs were forced to build a new business website.

Here are some of the major signs that it's time to build a new business website or online store.

The business website is not displayed properly on mobile phones

Already several years ago Google informed all website owners, if I remember correctly through Google My Business, that websites that display properly on mobile phones will rank higher than those that do not.

In addition, according to surveys of global mobile web site visits for 2018, 58% of mobile site visits were made by mobile devices, and only 42% were by desktop computers. We're sure you don't want to offend this 58% of your site visitors and show them that you don't care about them.

The business website is very slow

Google has announced that the speed that a web page opens is an important factor for its ranking. In simple terms, Google's algorithm detects the speed a webpage needs to open and decides whether to rank it high or low in search results.

In addition, with the thousands of results that appear in the keywords that internet users are looking for, they are sure not going to wait five or ten seconds for your website to open, but will click on the next search engine result.

We at our company Cloud O.E. by designing our custom platforms and comparing them to ready-made, open-source platforms, we know exactly what to do to minimize the speed of a webpage to open in just a few milliseconds. More information on the benefits of custom platforms you can find in our article Custom Platforms for Website Development. You can also measure the opening speed of the custom platform that you are right now. We are sure you will be excited !!

The business website does not rank high on the search engines

What do we mean when we say that your website does not rank high in search engines? We mean you have no organic results. Organic results are the results that you have directly from the searches of the users in the search engines.

This means many things. Firstly, it means that people are not visiting your website, so your website does not bring you customers. It also means that you need to invest money and/or time to promote your website either through advertising or through facebook, Instagram, etc. If you are interested in learning more about how to rank your website on the 1st page in search engines, you can read our article.

The business website has errors in the code

Just as technology changes on your cell phone or car and you need to replace them, so do the versions of the code in which the web pages are written. An old webpage is very likely to contain an old version of HTML, CSS or javascript, so they cannot be read by new devices and therefore there are errors in the code.Although it is not yet clear whether these errors can affect the SEO of your website and therefore it's ranking, it would be wise to eliminate them so that you are 100% confident by building a new website. The only sure thing is that such errors negatively affect the visibility of your website visitors as well as the functionality of your website.

Conversely, if your site has URLs that correspond to pages that do not exist and lead to 404 error pages, or there are flash elements that no longer work or Google maps are not displayed correctly, your site rank will surely fall constantly.

The business website is not SEO Friendly

If you built your website 10-15 years ago, it is certain that your website contains little to no On-Page SEO.

Web developers began improving SEO in mid-1990s, according to Wikipedia for Search Engine Optimization.

Even today, new sites are built which have a percentage of On-Site SEO around 50-60%. 

Also, keep in mind that Google's algorithm core may update every one or two years, but minor changes may take place on a daily basis.

And rest assured that nowadays the business website or an online store will not stand out from the competition unless it is at least over 80-85% SEO Friendly.

The business website looks old and neglected

According to a survey on how much time we spend on the internet, every adult in the world spends an average of 5.9 hours a day online. If you consider the fact that we sleep for 7 hours and work for 8 hours means that we spend most of our free time online.

If you were to ask me, I would bet that no one is going to stumble across these hours looking at old and neglected websites or even if he does, they are sure to leave him an unpleasant impression of the business to which they belong.

And it's no coincidence that global companies like Google and Facebook are constantly updating the look and functionality of their Youtube, Facebook and Instagram apps.

If you think it's time to change your business website or online store, you can see our pages for web development and eCommerce.

If you would like any clarification or information feel free to contact us.

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