What is SEO and how do we implement SEO in Greece

Konstantinos Roumeliotis on 11-04-2019. Modified on 11-09-2020
What is SEO and how do we implement SEO in Greece

What is SEO and how do we implement SEO in Greece


The acronym SEO is formed from Search Engine Optimization.

It is a process that affects the promotion of a website online in the search engines. The websites that rank high in search engine searches are the ones that earn the most visitors.

Visitors coming from search engines may become website customers, which is why all website owners are striving daily to gain the first place in a particular keyword.

As an internet marketing strategy, SEO is based on the way search engines work. Search engines are also computers running algorithms. Based on these algorithms they rank the websites.

How are users looking?

Users use search engines to solve everyday problems.

They type in these keywords and wait for the results. The job of the search engines is to choose from millions of websites and display those websites that will provide the best solution to the problem.

Whether a search engine views your website as a result of a search depends on many factors. Below we will present some outlines.

  • Age of Domain Name: Although it is not a key criterion for your website to appear first in searches, the age of Domain Name is important. Think of a local business that offers quality services daily for a whole decade. This business seems to be more credible in the eyes of potential customers than the one just started. The same is true for online businesses - websites.
  • Quality Content: The quality content of a website is the most important element that can bring your website to the top of searches. Speaking of quality content, we are referring to content that solves a visitor's problem. While content must have specific specifications to make it look good on search engines, we must never forget that content is targeted at visitors - human first. In our next articles you can learn how to write search engine friendly articles - copywriting.
  • Search Engine Friendly Website: The Internet is made up of millions of websites. Many of them, however, are not search engine friendly - SEO friendly. Many users create beautiful websites that are unreadable by search engines. The search engines as we all know are computers - algorithms, they don't see images and graphics. It is our job to explain to search engines what each image we add to our site presents. In our next articles, you can learn how to optimize your website to be more search engine friendly - SEO friendly - on-site SEO.
  • Website Speed: Our daily lives are very fast and we do not have enough time to waste browsing a website. We want the information here and now. If a page is slow to load, we are sure to drop it and look for another. How many times have you searched for something in a search engine and clicked on a result and the website you visited was so slow that you abandoned it, searching again? Maybe hundreds of times in a week. So search engines, when they see that a page takes a long time to load and visitors leave it shortly, punish it with a lower ranking. How to make your website load faster, you'll find out in one of our next articles.
  • Website Traffic: Your website may get some traffic daily. This traffic may come from either organic traffic, social media, or users who have returned to your site because they found the content - returning visitors. When a website has enough traffic, it makes sense to rank higher on Google results. This does not mean that by buying traffic you will be at the top of your searches, having a very slow website with content that no one cares about. In our next articles, you will discover ways to increase your website or eCommerce traffic either organically, through social media, or searches.
  • Backlinks: By using the term backlink, we mean other pages that contain the link to our site. If, for example, we have written a very important article and other websites refer their visitors through a link to read our article, then that link is a backlink. When a website has a lot of backlinks, for the search engines it means that it is reliable because many other websites trust it. However, not all backlinks have the same weight. A backlink from the new york times certainly doesn't have the same weight as a backlink from greekseo. SEO Experts rank websites according to their importance, using the DA 0 to DA 100 ranking, with the DA 100 (Domain Authority 100) having the most important websites (they used PR1 to PR10 before). You will find more backlink articles in our future publications.

How we implement SEO in Greece

Many marketing companies and internet service providers advertise SEO services in Greece. Many of them also promise a first page on a specific keyword. Others promise immediate success on the internet.

Our personal view on SEO in Greece

Our many years of experience in Search Engine Optimization prove that there are very few companies providing quality SEO services in Greece. Keeping a website high in the search engines for a few days - months is the easiest, but keeping it at the top requires daily effort from either its developers or their owners.


SEO is a digital marketing strategy that helps websites to look better against search engines.

Whether or not our site will rank high in a search depends on many factors, some of which are mentioned above. Unfortunately SEO consists of too many techniques that cannot fit into one article.

There are many SEO companies in Greece, but it is very important to choose the SEO company that will not only give us a positive temporary effect but one that will give us guidelines to maintain a permanent result.

By following our column daily, you can discover many SEO techniques. Then, you can choose which ones you want to apply to your website.

This column was created for the sole purpose of improving SEO services in Greece. You can help us by participating in the public debate.

If all of the above sounds difficult, you can choose from one of the Search Engine Optimization packages offered by Cloud O.E.

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