What is Custom Platforms for Website Development?

Alexandros Nasiopoulos on 11-04-2019. Modified on 12-09-2020
What is Custom Platforms for Website Development?

What is Custom Platforms for Website Development?

Custom Platforms for Website Development are websites whose code is handwritten by experienced web developers and web designers so they can exclusively meet the needs of your business.

These platforms include the Front End, that is, the web page that visitors to your website see, and the Back End, that is, the webmaster's control panel. Only the webmaster can access the admin control panel.

The admin control panel has the required functions to 'build' the Front End of your website, that is, to build your website and update its content.

In other words, developers have created tools that any user, experienced or inexperienced, can use to build their website and manage their website and its content.

Because we are not able to know the features of Custom Platforms manufactured by different companies around the world, whenever we refer to Custom Platforms we will refer to our Cloud O.E.'s Custom Platforms, ie CloudShop, CloudBlog, and CloudHotel platforms.

What is Open Source Website Development Platforms?

Open Source Platforms are platforms that are provided free of charge (mostly) by developers, for users to build their websites. Some of these platforms are Joomla, Wordpress, Magento, OpenCart, etc.

They also have Front End and Back End, just like Custom Platforms.

On these platforms, tools are installed (plugins or modules) that can partially meet the needs of each business. Some of them are free and the best are paid. A different plugin must be installed for each operation.

However, there are usually incompatibilities between versions of the platform and plugins, which can cause problems for the site to operate.

In addition, because Open Source platforms are used by thousands of web developers or ordinary users, they are vulnerable to viruses. In fact, the whole industry behind Open Source Website Development Platforms is running because of the problems of Open Source Platforms, to force their 'owners' to pay for a 'good' plugin that will work properly.

Finally, they do not offer technical support.

Benefits of Custom and Open Source Website Development Platforms

Like any tool, both Custom and Open Source Website Development Platforms have their advantages. Let's take a look at them.

The Benefits of Cloud O.E.'s Custom Platforms are:

  • They are made with SEO in mind. That is, they have all the techniques and features that can push them up to the search engines
  • They are extremely fast
  • They do not need a 'powerful' server to support them, as they are only a few MB
  • They are easy to use
  • They have exactly those functions you need to manage your website
  • They have been 'written' with the latest versions of all the 'languages' code
  • They are extremely stable in their operation, meaning they have no problems
  • It is very difficult to get viruses
  • They have free technical support from our company
  • They do not require upgrades

The advantages of Open Source platforms are:

  • You can even set them up by yourself, without having to pay a web developer
  • You can change the 'Template', the whole look of your website, with a simple installation
  • You can add features with a simple installation

For more information on Custom Platforms of Cloud O.E., you can visit our pages for eCommerce, web development, and hotel website development.

If you need even more information, you can contact us for a free presentation.

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