Website Development Competition in Tripoli, Arcadia

Konstantinos Roumeliotis on 11-04-2019. Modified on 20-06-2020
Website Development Competition in Tripoli, Arcadia

Website Development Competition in Tripoli, Arcadia


Cloud O.E. is a startup company that has been active in the Internet Services industry since early 2018. It uses cutting-edge technologies to deliver the best possible results to its customers. It continuously invests in training its staff in the areas of web development, search engine optimization, digital marketing, graphic design, web hosting and mobile application.

What does the Contest have to offer?

Cloud O.E. offers to one lucky person, Web Development of his business website through a competition. You don't have a business? No problem! We can create a personal CV type website for you.

What kind of website do we offer in the Contest?

Cloud O.E. launches in a few days a new set of highly affordable, flexible and effective websites, CloudBlogs.

What is CloudBlog?

The CloudBlog concept was created by Cloud O.E. to present a new set of highly economical, flexible and effective websites. Read more about Cloud OE Custom Platforms here.


  • Premium Design (Designed by graphic designer exclusively for your business needs)
  • Responsive Design - Mobile Friendly (For easy mobile and tablet use)
  • Photo Gallery (For viewing photos of your business)
  • SEO-Friendly
  • CloudBlog and by weight (CloudBlog Website will be so lightweight that it will load in a few Milliseconds)
  • Contact Form (so visitors can contact you)

Previously corporate websites consisted of many flash graphics and large images, making it difficult for their visitors to navigate. CloudBlog, on the contrary, is exactly what a business needs for its corporate promotion. All information is displayed evenly, giving the visitor immediately the information they need. Web Hosting in a Web Server and Domain Name (.com), are provided along with the website development, for one year.

Who can participate in the Website Development Contest?

Those who click on the Cloud O.E page on Facebook and repost / post the contest post, have the right to enter the competition for the website development prize for their business. The competition will start on Monday 17 September and end on Monday 24 September. The results will be posted on our Facebook page!


We wish you good luck!

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