SEO Company: How to choose among SEO companies?

Konstantinos Roumeliotis on 10-09-2019. Modified on 19-09-2020
SEO Company: How to choose among SEO companies?

SEO Company: How to choose among SEO companies?

How to choose the most appropriate SEO company that will provide you with long-lasting and secure ranking results at the right cost?

The SEO industry is huge, with many SEO companies claiming to rank your website on the head of searches. Some of them use legitimate SEO techniques - White Hat, some unfair - Black Hat, and the latter, the ones who added it as a service and offer it to their customers with zero results.

For those who do not know what SEO is or what White Hat and Black Hat SEO is, we would recommend reading the articles below.

Continuing from what we were saying, as opposed to SEO companies who consider SEO to be a plugin to a WordPress or Magento website, you should realize that creating and running an integrated SEO campaign is a time-consuming and complicated process.

But choosing the right SEO company is just as difficult. In this article, we will try to help you choose the most appropriate SEO company to provide you with the search results you are looking for at the right cost.

Excuse me if I am too caustic in this article! (I'm caustic only in this article.) But I am indignant to hear new customers tell me that their former SEO company or former developer has added SEO to their website and, looking at the search - domain authority, indexing and ranking of their page, I discover that he just fooled them.

By no means is the customer to blame! Blame the ignorance of the alleged SEO agent or their avarice.

We should, of course, mention that there are many companies in Greece and abroad that offer real SEO with incredible results. But you should first find them.

Questions to ask the SEO company

Choosing an SEO company is a difficult decision. SEO is an 'invisible' product. To make the right decision, the SEO company must be able to answer the following questions.

- What experience do you have?

Ask them if they have applied SEO to businesses near yours and if so, how many years they have been working with them.

If any SEO company is proud of the results of its collaboration, they will surely tell you about the business that had some good results.

- Do you apply SEO yourself or you hire outsourcing freelancers?

Many SEO companies prefer to find freelancers who will do part of the job inexpensively, to save money on salaries, rather than having permanent and experienced SEO agents.

But how can you trust a freelancer to code your page to implement on-page SEO? Choose that SEO company that has permanent SEO agents who will complete the job safely and will be there for years to deal with any problem.

- How many years of experience do you have in the field?

One SEO company writes that it has been involved in SEO for 30 years. How can one apply SEO 30 years ago on a website, without the existence of Google (founded 1998) or Yahoo? Obviously, they are the same who had a website before the internet was discovered.

The years of experience, of course, are not so representative. Trust the SEO of your business to the SEO company that will present tangible results from its older clients.

- What will you need from me?

You can certainly let the SEO company do all the work, but you know the needs of your business better. Get involved in the process and you will have more benefits than you can imagine.

- What results can I expect and in how long?

No SEO company can guarantee specific positions within a certain period. Search engines are constantly updating their algorithms to make the job less predictable. Avoid SEO companies that promise 1st place in Google within 1 month. Something weird is going on. Instead, agree on the necessary tasks from the outset and set monthly goals that both of you can achieve.

- In which keywords will you focus on?

It's easy to rank into highly specialized keywords or phrases, yet you'll find that no one is looking for them. Keyword analysis plays a key role in selecting the right keywords. Ask for keyword analysis and see exactly the search volume of each keyword and the difficulty to rank on it. Then choose the keywords you want to rank on and consult the SEO company.

How to discover an SEO company that is not doing its job properly?

- I want an extra 200 euros apart from website development to add SEO

Obviously, just from the price, you understand that they are scammers. Such amount is not even enough to create some High DA Backlinks. This SEO company will just install a free SEO plugin in two minutes and make some easy money. On the other hand, not only will you not gain anything, but you will also lose your search authority as the page code will look messy.

- In 1 month you will be first in searches

First; But in 1 month? OK. In which keyword? “Hotel with jacuzzi and breakfast in Ibiza”; You don't need SEO to rank on the first page results in that kind of keyword!

- I'll place you in all the search engines

Many companies, to speed up the indexing of a website enter pages that automatically submit the website to all search engines. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo report in their webmaster blogs that over-submitted websites in search engines are penalized.

If your site and your content are worth it, you don't have to enter it anywhere. Search engines will immediately crawl it by themselves.

- I will create 1,000 backlinks for you in a few hours

Many SEO companies purchase backlink sets found on the internet. These backlinks are usually low-DA and are generated by spam comments on vulnerable pages. When these pages detect spam comments, they are deleted and you lose the created backlinks immediately.

So it would be preferable to have a few permanent, high-quality backlinks from high DA websites. Find the SEO company that will provide them.

- I know a person in Google that will help you rank easily

If the SEO company you found mentions something similar, you should know that every Google employee signs a confidentiality contract before being hired.

- Look at our corporate website. It ranks in the first position in every city

If your SEO company has a website with lots of texts listed in every city in Greece, avoid working with them. Even their own website violates search engine rules - BlackHat SEO.

In summary, finding the right SEO company is a difficult task. SEO is an investment. It's the road leading to your store. The road to success, however, is a long one, so look for an up-to-date affiliate who will boost your Return of Investment (ROI) and be there every single day to suggest solutions for growing your website.

All of the above questions can be asked at Cloud O.E. We have the technical and educational background to accomplish your every goal, from creating your website or eCommerce to Search Engine Optimization - SEO.

For you, our clients, we've created comprehensive On-Page SEO packages to initially improve your website, as well as specialized packages where we undertake to rank you and keep you at the top - SEO 1st page. Just to mention, without much talking, we've been able to offer our associate businesses an organic traffic increase of up to 600%. Contact us for a free evaluation of your website.

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