Search authority: What is it, and how can I increase it?

Konstantinos Roumeliotis on 24-09-2019. Modified on 19-09-2020
Search authority: What is it, and how can I increase it?

Search authority: What is it, and how can I increase it?

Search authority is the influence, trust, and quality of a website. It is the imprint of the website on the world wide web. It is the experience it offers to its users. A website with a large search authority certainly ranks higher in the search engines. But how do I increase my Search Authority?

Backlinks and Internal Linking

In previous articles, we talked about How to Create Quality Backlinks. We also mentioned that internal linking is also required. The more links, the greater the search authority.

Backlinks are votes from other websites for your website. In backlinks, of course, you should pay close attention to the quality and relevance of your website. Although building qualitative backlinks is a grey hat SEO technique, it is necessary in cases where competition has high search authority. To avoid being punished by search engines, try to get as many backlinks as possible by publishing and promoting quality content. If you are going to buy a backlink, which violates the search engine rules, do it right. Buy backlinks only from high domain authority websites.

On the other hand, internal linking is very important. Internal linking is applied when you are writing an article and naturally adding links within the text to other pages of your website. By creating a beautiful internal linking or by adding relevant content naturally within the text, you increase relevance and search authority.

Social signals and Social Media

Social media like facebook and twitter also offer a small boost to the search authority. Links from social media can be created very easily and because of that, they do not have the weight that a backlink has. However, indexing your article is more likely to be faster, for example, as they are authority signals. While they do not particularly affect the search authority, they expand your public relations, display your products cheaply, and gain visitors to your website.

The quality of the website

When we talk about website quality we refer to performance, user experience and trust signals. Performance is, for example, the speed of loading a website. A slow website is more easily abandoned by its visitors. A poor user experience negatively affects the search authority. The same goes for trust signals. A website with low quality, duplicate content and links that end up nowhere, definitely diminishes authority.

Increase trust signals by regularly adding new, unique and quality content. Add rich snippets to your pages. Ask your customers to rate you on google my business. All of the above can increase transparency, visitor confidence and therefore the search authority.

Summarising for the Search Authority

In summary, the search authority is increasing over time. However, even if you have quality content it will not help you rank high if you do not promote it. Email the link to friends, post it on social media, encourage your friends to repost and rate it. The more your audience grows, the more your influence grows and the more visitors come to your website. Search engines see this influence and reward it with search results.

Search authority is more than just on-page and off-page optimization, it is about interpersonal relationships and trust. Build a SEO optimized website, create quality natural backlinks, internal linking, and incredible content, but above all you need to build trusting relationships. All of these together will send new organic visitors to your website.

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