Returning Visitors: How to Earn More?

Konstantinos Roumeliotis on 30-09-2019. Modified on 19-09-2020
Returning Visitors: How to Earn More?

Returning Visitors: How to Earn More?

Returning visitors are valuable to your website as they are loyal visitors who appreciate your content and come back to see more. They are even more valuable in an online store because they have purchased from your eCommerce and are continuing to visit it for new purchases.

Returning visitors are exactly what the words mean "returning visitors", ie visitors who have visited your website before and are visiting it again.

When you look at your Google Analytics statistics, you'll notice that returning visitors are always much less than new organic visitors.

New organic or social visitors are good to have, but how do you create loyal returning visitors who come in and re-enter your website, read your articles and buy your new products?

With a few simple steps, you can gain more returning visitors.

Constantly add new content

When the visitors of your website understand that you are adding useful content at regular intervals, they will turn back to take advantage of it. Whether it's new products or new useful articles, the key is to keep your posts consistent.

Speaking of consistency, you don't have to post new content every day. Establish a specific day of the week or month when you will add new content. For example, you can publish new articles every Monday and new products every Wednesday. Your visitors will understand your consequence and come back every Monday and Wednesday to see your content. This way, customer loyalty is gained and Returning Visitors are created.

This rule is followed by a company from which I buy. This company publishes new offers (products) which expire on Sunday night, every week. People know that if they visit the website on Sunday, they will find new offers. In other words, it's visitors transform to Returning Visitors, due to the consistency of the company in posting new offers.

The same company, the same day, sends a newsletter with all the products in offer. In this way, it attracts and gains new visitors who, learning about its weekly promotions, will become returning visitors. We will return to Email Marketing below, in this article.

Pay extreme attention to User Experience

If you have a website with a low user experience, your visitors will certainly leave it soon, even if your products are more economical than your competitors. User experience is a key factor in keeping and attracting, both new and returning visitors.

You can improve the user experience in several ways:

Improve your website design and pay special attention to responsive design, as more than 70% of your visitors come to your website from mobile devices. I've recently visited an e-commerce store, to buy diapers for my son. It struck me as not being responsive - mobile friendly. However, I started filling in the order information as this e-shop was very economical. Unfortunately, to complete the required information I had to constantly zoom in, so I quit and start looking for a responsive website.

Improve the speed of your website. A slow website is sure to be soon abandoned. It is more likely to lose its visitors than to generate new returning visitors.

Improve the structure of your website. Go where your visitor is! For example, assume you are looking to an e-shop for t-shirts and after searching you end up on a t-shirt product page. Nice blouse, but can I see the rest? You move to the menu and look for the blouse category. You manage to find it. Are these blouses for males or females? All this hassle could be avoided by using breadcrumbs or if you had a more well-structured menu or simply using a hyperlink text that perhaps could say "Look on our other men's shirts".

Pay attention to Uniqueness

Assume you have an e-commerce that sells cookware. You have a lot of products, but you lose visitors because you don't have a blog.

What will you write on the blog?

You could write articles about the use of each utensil. You could write recipes that, for their implementation, require the cookware you are selling.

In this way, you can give your prospective customers a reason to return to your website. They will constantly return to your website to read your recipes and at the same time, through the recipes, they will understand that they need to buy some more cookware.

Uniqueness and diversity will attract more returning visitors.

Implement a proper Email Marketing

40% of marketers consider email marketing to be the most considerable advertising channel.

To get the most out of email marketing, you have to pay close attention to the newsletter form.

Assume a visitor to your website reads the content you've developed and consider it useful. He notices that you have a newsletter form and adds his email, to receive the newsletter for the new content you publish. Once he receives the newsletter, he may click to read or buy this new content.

As this process repeats, the visitor becomes a returning visitor.

Use Push Notifications

Push notifications are a more direct marketing solution than email marketing is.

As soon as a visitor reads an article or product description, you suggest that they accept push notifications and be informed of all the new content as you publish it. Although most of us have learned to bypass such notifications, if the website offers content that is genuinely in our interests, we will accept notifications.

This way, you not only gain visitors, but you are certain that these visitors are genuinely interested in your content.

Create Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing is a technique that connects your website with visitors, who had previously interacted with it. More specifically remarketing outputs as following:

  1. The visitor enters your website
  2. He sees a product or an article
  3. He leaves from your website
  4. He enters other pages, such as Facebook, where you display an ad of your product or article
  5. He clicks on your ad and returns to your website again

Through this process, you remind your visitors that the product they saw is still available for purchase.

Google as well as social media, e.g. Facebook, provides remarketing services.

Using such services, you can bring back visitors who had visited your website even 180 days ago.

With remarketing, visitors return to your website and become returning visitors.

Connect with your visitors on Social Media

Social media is a great way to gain the loyalty of your visitors to visit your website again.

Once you've chosen the social network you should focus, republish your content regularly with a link that will lead to your website.

Since the content has a good quality and is interesting to the visitors, they will click on the link to take advantage of the new content you have added to your website.

Summarizing for Returning Visitors

To summarize, by following the above steps, you can convert visitors into returning visitors, and gain their trust.

As mentioned in many of our other articles, quality content is the key to success. Remember, returning visitors are the ones who will bring you the most sales.

You can apply some of the above steps, yourself. For those you don't understand or are somehow more technical, Cloud O.E. is by your side offering Search Engine Optimization packages or even content creation services.

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