How to increase sales in e-Commerce

Konstantinos Roumeliotis on 28-06-2019. Modified on 22-09-2019
How to increase sales in e-Commerce

How to increase sales in e-Commerce

If you want to make money through e-Commerce, it is not enough to simply create your online store and add your products. If it were that simple we would all have an online store and make sales from the comfort of our own home.

In this article, we give you the Solution! to increase your sales.

What is a Conversion Rate in an e-Commerce?

If you are dealing with e-Commerce, you will surely have heard the words Conversion Rate (CR). So what is CR for those who don't know it?

Conversion Rate is the number of unique visitors to your store in relation to sales.

If your e-Commerce sales are 100 per month and unique visitors are 10,000 then CR is 100 / 10,000. That is, CR is 1%. According to surveys, a CR above 1% is considered good.

Since we know the CR index of our e-Commerce, without having to worry about it being below 1%, it's time to increase it.

Unique Persuasive Copy

What is Unique Persuasive Copy and how will it help your sales grow?

You can create a Persuasive Copy if you have a specific audience in mind.

Identify your audience, penetrate their minds and understand their dreams, their motives, even their hidden desires. You can also consider the problems they face.

Persuasive Copy is associated with the desires of the customer, such as feeling safe, saving time, reducing their daily costs, growing their business or even being happier and healthier.

A copywriting legend Eugene Schwartz has said he writes with his ears because he believes that the ability to listen is one of the best abilities of a writer.

How you can increase sales in e-Commerce?

  • Step 1: Write a unique description of each product you have in your online store.

A good description speaks to the heart of the reader. He explains why your product will make him happier, richer or more productive.

The trap that many online shop owners fall into is that they copy their product descriptions from their suppliers.

But consider the following: You sell products that other online stores also have. Why would a visitor buy from your online store and not from another? The supplier description is certainly representative, but by making significant changes and additions to it, you will have a unique description and a unique product, and perhaps you could win the customer.

  • Step 2: Add the benefits and features of your product

Write about the benefits your customer will get if he or she uses your product. Write about the solutions the product offers to problems your customer faces. Write down the characteristics of your product such as dimensions, color, etc. You should go deeper into each feature that your product offers, even if it is a small one.

Imagine the concerns of a visitor who is thinking to buy your product. If you respond to all of these concerns, the customer will be more likely to buy your product.

  • Step 3: Take better photos from your dealer

Even though your supplier's photos are certainly professional, you could add additional photos to take with each product.

A smart idea would be to photograph the product while using it. For example, if your product is a face cream, you could take a photo of a girl applying it on her face and looks happy.

  • Step 4: Customer Reviews

Your description and photos may not be enough to convince a customer to buy your product. It would be beneficial for your online store to have customers review your products themselves. Your customers themselves, through their reviews, can persuade visitors to buy your product. Whether positive or negative, reviews are a way to increase your sales.

Think of it like: You enter an online store and you see a lot of positive reviews about a product. Other customers bought it, tried it and were satisfied. Wouldn't it be easier for you to order it?

  • Step 5: The cart and the order fulfillment page

The product is not the only page a visitor will watch when purchasing it from your online store. The checkout page and the thank you page are pages that the visitor will see. If you optimize your shopping cart page and write for example that we will deliver your product in a day or focus on free shipping, you will boost your online sales.

The cart could also be a 1 step checkout (quick checkout) so it would not be necessary for the visitor to go through many pages to make his purchase. Even the Thank you page will increase your sales.


All e-Commerce owners want to increase their sales and their Conversion Rate. More visitors at the same time with more sales can make an online store successful. In this article, in just 5 steps, we help you increase your sales.

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