How to create quality Backlinks

Konstantinos Roumeliotis on 15-07-2019. Modified on 16-09-2020
How to create quality Backlinks

How to create quality Backlinks

Backlinks are an integral part of Search Engine Optimization. They are also, like on-page SEO, one of the most important ranking factors in search engines.

What are Backlinks?

In our article "What is SEO and how do we implement SEO in Greece", we mentioned that backlinks are links from other websites that point our own. By clicking such a link, the visitor is redirected from that site to ours.

For example, if we have written a very important article and other websites refer their visitors through a link to read our article, then that link is a backlink.

When a website has a lot of backlinks, for the search engines it means that it is reliable because many other websites trust it.

However, not all backlinks have the same weight. A backlink from new york times certainly doesn't have the same authority as a backlink from your neighboor.

SEO Experts rank websites according to their importance using the Domain Authority rating DA0 to DA100 (and PR1 to PR10 previously). DA100 holds the most important websites. The Domain Authority Index, or DA, was created by MOZand its tool controls over 40 factors that Google's algorithm takes into account.

How to create quality Backlinks

Check competition

Before we start creating backlinks, we need to check the backlinks that competing websites have. One tool to check our competition backlinks is that of the AHref website. Knowing the backlink pages of competing websites, we can also create backlinks to them.

Our goal should be to analyze our competition and find all the factors that place them first in searches so that we can improve our website and outperform our competitors.

Writing Testimonials

By writing reviews of a product or service on another website, you create content on this website, you give the world a review and deliver you a backlink to your website. (if this page allows you to put a link to your website along with the review)

External Links to Websites

If you read an article and find it interesting, you can republish it on your page, along with a backlink to the page you found. Then let the author know that you enjoyed his article and republished it. In this way, you can build relationships of trust and mutual help. Once you give a backlink, it is not unlikely that someone will give you a backlink.

Public Relations

Many important websites contain articles. If you have an article published on your page, you can ask these websites to publish your article, along with a backlink. With a little search, you can find websites that accept articles. (But beware! Not all websites accept backlinks in their articles. You should always read the terms of use.)

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