How to choose the right Web Hosting

Konstantinos Roumeliotis on 11-04-2019. Modified on 11-09-2020
How to choose the right Web Hosting

How to choose the right Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting

Web Hosting is a service that allows owners to have a website permanently posted on the Internet without having to have the necessary equipment (e.g. servers).

Web hosting is undertaken by web hosts, which provide space on their server as well as part of their network connection. The concept of Web Hosting refers to the process by which the owner of a website rents space on computers (servers) to place his files and/or emails.

The wrong choice

Working with the right web hosting service is more important than you think. If you make the wrong choice, your website may not be constantly online, may be very slow or even be destroyed within a vulnerable web server.

What kind of web hosting package do I need

Choosing the right company and package should not be done without research and testing. It all depends on your website. Do you have a low-traffic website? You can choose from shared hosting packages. Do you have a high traffic website? You can choose between VPS or dedicated packages. All of the above are not binding. It would be wise in your search for web hosting to find a reputable company first. Then contact her to suggest the right package for your website.

Question! Why can't I do it myself? Answer! You can choose your own package, but only the company knows the specifications of its servers and if it can support the requirements of your website.


If something happens to your server or site, from technical errors to DNS attacks, you should be able to fix the situation quickly. This becomes more compelling depending on your site. For example, if you run an eCommerce, you will lose money every minute you are offline. So make sure the company technical support you choose is right for you.


  • What features are offered?
  • Does the webserver use cPanel to install with one click on selected software?
  • How much disk space and how much bandwidth does it offer?
  • How many domains can be hosted on one account?

Functionality is important for any site. If your business grows and with it the amount of space you need, does the hosting company have the capability and characteristics to allow it to grow?

What Cloud O.E. offers you

Cloud O.E. is a startup company that has been active in the Internet Services industry since early 2018. It uses cutting-edge technologies to deliver the best possible results to its customers. It continuously invests in training its staff in the areas of web developmentsearch engine optimizationdigital marketing, graphic designweb hosting and mobile application.

Cloud O.E. having built dozens of websites and knowing the requirements of each website, he chose to work with two large and trusted companies based in France and Germany to provide web hosting services. Our servers are on an extremely fast 2500 Gbps network, with direct connections to Europe's largest Internet Exchanges and Cisco networking equipment. All of our servers are equipped with high-speed processors and SSD hard drives. Here you will find all the Web Hosting packages provided by Cloud O.E.

For any information, you can always contact us.

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