Everything you should know about web development

Alexandros Nasiopoulos on 29-07-2019. Modified on 16-09-2020
Everything you should know about web development

Everything you should know about web development

Are you thinking, "Web development ..... Simple. I'll find someone who designs websites, I'll pay him 200€ - 250€ and in 4-5 days I'll have a brand new website. Or I may give him 100€ - 200€ more and develop an online store. "

If you think like this, it is not your responsibility solely. Because many professionals are trying to advertise like this:

(Note: In the following paragraphs we will not try to advertise our company, nor blame persons, things, or situations. But we will cite examples that are real so that we can be understood.)

"Website Development 203€, delivery in 3.5 days"

But is it that simple?

Even the 200 or 400 euros that you will spend on developing a website or an online shop is a notable amount of money to spend unwisely. And are you certain that it will perform the "tasks" that a website should perform correctly? In addition, do you know the amount you have to spend on maintaining and promoting the website? Or maybe we have to pay close attention and analyze web development?

So... what exactly is a website?

According to Wikipedia, "A website is a document suitable for acting as an online resource on the world wide web".

An appropriate document indicates a document that the browser you are using to browse the web can read. That is a document that can contain HTML, CSS, javascript, text, and numbers. An online resource is an identifiable object or a recognizable entity, online.

So by following its definition, a website may be like this:

Everything you should know about web development

The above image is the image of a web page, containing HTML, CSS, javascript, text, and numbers. Even more so one might say that it is SEO-friendly as the keywords "web development" are in the URL, in the "title" tag, in the "h1" tag and in the description in "bold" characters.

I can build you a similar website for 1€ and deliver it in 60 seconds. Would you give me 1€ for constructing a website? Would you be satisfied and rest assured that you did the best for your business because you built a website? Is this website, satisfies your business needs?

What business needs can web development meet?

You're going to spend some money on getting a tool for your business. If you consider that the average adult spends almost 6 hours a day online and that the worldwide percentage of online sales is estimated to be at 10.2% of total retail sales for 2017 and is expected to reach 17.5% in 2021, you understand that your website is an extremely important tool, able to judge the course and rate of growth of your business. What business needs should your website be able to meet?

Business projection

Appearance of the website

First of all, you'll need a website that properly promotes your business. It should represent your business, not look old and neglected, display properly on any device the visitor uses, and display your products or services correctly.

We refer to the appearance of your website. The look and feel of a website are determined by the template which usually contains HTML, CSS, javascript, text, and images. The vast majority of websites are created using templates. We've all used them and we will all continue to use them, certainly for a long time to come. Developers exploit the template and create the website functions without having to worry about its aesthetics.

The template determines whether the webpage will be responsive, ie it will appear correctly on all devices. It also plays a big role in site speed. Some templates use huge javascript code, for the aesthetics of the website. Worse still, this code may not be located on the server hosting your website, but on another server of unknown origin and features and can significantly slow down the speed of the website.

Website speed

Website speed is as important for website visitors as it is for search engines (eg Google). You certainly don't want to irritate your visitors and make them wait when they try to browse your site. Even the search engines do not want to irritate internet users and therefore rank low the "slow" websites.

Website compatibility

To properly promote your business, you also need your website to work accurately and look nice on any device. A web page can contain outdated PHP code (on dynamic web pages) or javascript or javascript code fragments, which not all servers (PHP) and all browsers (javascript) can read. This is called compatibility of the website with the server hosting it and with the various browsers available.

Website security

Your website should also be free of security gaps and have a strong firewall against malicious attacks. As we've previously mentioned, Wordpress, the most popular CMS, has been used to build 172 million websites, of which 73.2% are vulnerable to viruses. A hacker can detect the vulnerabilities of a Wordpress website in a matter of minutes by using free programs being on the Internet. There are, of course, some solutions to most Wordpress problems. There are also custom platforms that are free of security gaps and problems.

Attracting new customers and increasing profits

If you ensure that your website provides the appropriate representation for your business, should you be reassured? Or should you ask for more from your website? Wouldn't it be nice if the investment you made for building a website also gave you financial benefits? That is, bringing new customers to your business or increasing the sales of your products or services? How could this be possible?

To attract new customers and/or increase your business turnover, you need to target a larger percentage of the population. That is, to get more people to know you. To do this, you need to promote your business by promoting your website. So what are the ways to promote your website?

We'll analyze website promotion in our next articles. But let's take a look at the most popular ways, to end up to what makes sense for this article.

  • Traditional Promotion: Brochures, TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines
  • Email promotion
  • Promotion on social media
  • Promotion to discussion groups - forums
  • Search engine paid advertising - Google Ads
  • Pay-per-click promotion on popular websites

The sad thing about all of the above promotion types is that you have to constantly consume resources to continue producing results. When we say resources, we mean time and/or money. If you stop eg. paying for the radio ad, your ad will stop. Similarly, if you no longer send emails or your emails get spammed, your website will not be promoted.

But there is a way to promote your website, which will someday stop asking for resources or may require just a few. We are referring, of course, to organic traffic or organic results, a term that you have certainly met many times in our articles.

What are Organic Results?

When we say organic results, we mean internet users who will visit your website when they search the internet for something that you offer on your website. This "something" can be a product, a service or even pieces of information that users have been searching for online. For example, in this article, we are trying to attract users who are searching for the keywords "web development" on the internet. Of course, we also want to give important information to those who decide reading it.

Producing organic results is a difficult and time-consuming process. Unfortunately, we cannot know the degree of difficulty or time needed, as they depend on your target group and your competition. Of course, one can assess by analyzing the competition. But if you have a small, medium or new business, we believe that organic results are the only way since the resources you can devote to promote your website will eventually run out.

The more your organic results grow, the more your site is ranked higher in the search engines. As your site ranks higher, your organic results increase and the cycle continues.

What do organic results have to do with web development and how can you increase them?

The spot at which organic results are directly related to web development is the on-site SEO and the features of your website eg. its speed. On-site SEO is SEO - Search Engine Optimization techniques that can exist in the code of your website. You don't see them, but the search engines see them. And they don't only see them! Seo techniques play an extremely important role in your website ranking to the search engines.

Surely, you will have often come across the term SEO on the internet, especially in recent years. That's because nowadays, a website without the appropriate SEO percentage will be very difficult to show in the search engines results pages. Many are those who promise SEO. In particular, many are those who promise e.g. SEO-friendly Wordpress website, with 200€ - 250€. But be aware that a good SEO-friendly template costs around 200€ - 250€ and a good SEO Wordpress plugin costs around 500€. You are free to do the required math to examine if the numbers match.

There are several ways to increase your organic results. The main ones are the content of your website, content outside of your website and backlinks. There is, of course, black hat SEO techniques which we do not recommend, in any case. We will go into more detail in our next article.

Reduce the cost of promoting your business

Certainly, it would not make sense to acquire a tool that is destined to do a job if it is not financially advantageous against another tool that does the same job. What we mean:

Suppose you pay 75€ per month, that is 900€ per year for a radio advertisement and 400 € per year for the design, print, and distribution of 5000 brochures, ie 1300€ / year. In 5 years you will spend 6500€. This promotion brings you X customers a year to your business.

Suppose your website has cost you 500€ to build and it will run for 5 years and in those 5 years you will pay 50€ per year for its hosting, 15€ per year for the domain name, 100€ per year for its maintenance and 86€ per month for its promotion. In 5 years you will spend about 6500€ which will bring you Y customers to your business.

Developing a website would only make sense if Y is larger than X. Basically this is not exactly accurate, because in 5 years you will have to pay for brochures or advertising to promote your business, but even if you will have to build a new website, the domain name that costs 15€ / year, along with the content you have developed, will have gained prestige and will bring customers by themselves. But we don't want to end up there.

We want to conclude that the money you spend to build a website is minimal compared to what you will have to pay to maintain it and most importantly promote it unless you make a smart choice when you start building your website. Here are some real examples to help you understand what I mean.

One of our clients approached us in 2018 to build an SEO-friendly website to replace the "SEO-friendly" website that he had built in 2017 and cost him 500€.

Another customer approached us to build an e-Commerce to save about 150€ a month he was paying for hosting his online store and 300€ - 400€ for its promotion, since he had no organic results.

Another customer approached us for building an online store because he paid 150€ a year for hosting his online store and 200€ -300€ every time it crashed and also had to register all products from scratch.

Now that you know what you should, you are free to search for web development.

If you need more information on the above or you have any questions we could answer, you can contact us.

If you want, you can see our products for web development and eCommerce. If you have a hotel or any tourist accommodation, you can see our products for hotel website development.

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