Digital Marketing and Artificial Intelligence

Konstantinos Roumeliotis on 05-11-2019. Modified on 19-09-2020
Digital Marketing and Artificial Intelligence

Digital Marketing and Artificial Intelligence

Technology is improved day by day and the competition is increased too. More and more organizations have to deal with huge and complex data every day. The artificial intelligence (AI) created to process this amount of data and help organizations survive under huge competition.

What is artificial intelligence? AI is the science that creates machines that think and act like human behavior. The only exception is that an intelligent machine can process huge amounts of data, that the human brain can't. The main differences are speed, amount and complexity.

Marketing and for instance, digital marketing has been improving too using AI. Nowadays various marketing tools are using AI in their core (maybe machine learning). From data mining to data processing, the main purpose is to extract valuable information and use this information to improve the way we implement digital marketing.

How to boost your digital marketing results by using AI?

1. AI Predicting behaviors

You can use AI predictive models that will allow you to identify, through customer's characteristics if they will respond to an offer. You can start searching for your business objectives, search for a pattern that matches your business needs. After that, you can use data mining to select the predictive model. When you have the results it's time to use this valuable information to take and implement business decisions. (implement digital marketing)

2. AMP and load time

Search engines are using AI to identify which website is better, to rank higher. A crucial factor that helps a website improve it's ranking is the loading time. For this reason, Google created Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). AMP is a technology that you can use to create a lighter alternative page for your website. That page should follow some rules as you can see in the official documentation of AMP. Search engines will evaluate this AMP page and, if it follows the rules, they will place it in a premium position on SERPs.

3. AI Personalized data

Gathering and processing data using artificial intelligence will help you have more satisfied customers. Data like location, device or demographics are valuable personal data that you can use to boost your digital marketing results. Every customer is unique. For that reasonthe you should use personalized data to suggest him the product or service which is more likely to buy.

4. AI and content improvement

Content is the main factor to create a successful digital marketing campaign. Without content, digital marketing doesn't exist. There are many tools like acrolinx that are using AI to optimize your content to gather the attention of more customers.

Some polpular tools that can help you improve your business digital marketing campaign using AI are, Grammarly, Uberflip, BrightFunnel,, Chatfuel and many more. From ai chatboxes, to ai content creation or ai email marketing, you definitely can find and use the tool that meet your business needs.

Benefits of using Artificial Intelligence on Digital Marketing

  • AI Saves time

Just imagine how much time and resources you need to mine and process this huge amount of data. AI has the ability to data-mine and process huge amounts of data in minutes.

  • AI Saves money and Has no errors

Time converts to money when you need less human resources processing and gathering data. The human may cause some errors, but AI could cause fewer errors if it has the right model.

  • AI Is very efficient

Your company must be more efficient to survive in competition. AI helps your business to implement digital marketing more efficient. Efficient marketing will increase your company revenue.

All in all, AI is here to stay. You can adopt AI techniques to increase your digital marketing results. Searching and using artificial intelligence tools can bring you real results.

Cloud O.E. can help you build your digital marketing strategy. We can propose you the right digital marketing AI tools that meet your business needs.


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