Custom hotel website CloudHotel

Alexandros Nasiopoulos on 08-07-2019. Modified on 16-09-2020
Custom hotel website CloudHotel

Custom hotel website CloudHotel

CloudHotel is one of Cloud O.E.'s new products. As with all of our other products, CloudShop, CloudBlog, and CloudPhoto, we developed CloudHotel, to adapt to the code of a hotel website, all the SEO techniques we specialize in and which a modern hotel website must-have, to have an advantage over the huge competition.

CloudHotel hotel website is a dynamic website, fast and lightweight, and has all the features a modern hotel booking website must have to be search engine friendly, as all the code is hand-written by the expert developers of our company Cloud O.E.

We have chosen the difficult 'way' of creating the code and the functions you need to manage rooms, availabilities, bookings and all the content on your website and have not chosen the ready-made solutions offered by most of our competition. This is how we managed to achieve the following features for CloudHotel:

For the Back End

  • Easy to operate
  • Create the hotel website in as many languages ​​as you like
  • Manage room and room amenities
  • Manage room availability
  • Manage periods and prices for each room
  • Manage room reservations
  • Manage articles, pages, menus, gallery
  • No upgrades needed
  • There are no security gaps
  • Help texts and Video Tutorial embedded in most pages
  • Text help for all functions
  • Free technical support

For the Front End Hotel Website

  • SEO Friendly
  • Mobile Friendly
  • User-Friendly
  • SEO specifically for tourist accommodation
  • Bookings & payments through the website
  • Quick opening speed
  • Lightweight (just a few MB)
  • Beautiful & Highly Functional (new template 2019)
  • Free technical support

For more information on custom platforms and their benefits, you can read our article "Custom Platforms for website development".

Additional features for the CloudHotel hotel website

Because we have programmed each line of code on the CloudHotel hotel website ourselves, it has exactly the features you will need to manage your tourist accommodation. This way you will not be confused by looking for features that you will never use when managing your website.

We have also achieved an excellent speed of your website opening since the total code does not exceed 20MB. Picture that an opensource cms (eg Joomla or Wordpress) is about 250 - 300MB in size. Imagine the difference you will have in the speed of your website opening, as well as the difference in the features and cost of the server you will need to host your website.

Finally, because we have written the code ourselves and know each line, we can also provide free and immediate technical support for as long as the cooperation with our company lasts. Forget about constant upgrades and security gaps. CloudHotel is an online platform that will work for many years without any problems.

The benefits that your business will have if you buy the CloudHotel hotel website

By combining the features of CloudHotel described above with our knowledge and experience in developing the right content for your website, we can guarantee the following benefits for your business:

  • Increase organic results
  • Increase bookings within your site, without third-party profit rates
  • Reduce the cost of displaying / advertising your website
  • Reduce the time you need to manage your website
  • Save money on technical support and upgrades to your website
  • Reduce the cost of hosting your website

More information about all this and much more can be found on our Hotel Website Development page.

The cost of acquiring the CloudHotel hotel website

Because buying a custom platform is generally expensive, we decided to offer the CloudHotel hotel reservation website in one-off, and in pay per year payments. That's why we created the CloudHotel Starter and CloudHotel Premium packages, respectively. You can see a comparison between the two packages as well as an open-source CMS on our Hotel Website Design page.

This way we can also offer a custom hotel reservation platform, CloudHotel Starter, to businesses that need it but cannot afford it, with payment per year.

For those who want something more and know that the money spent on a custom hotel reservation platform will be refunded in a few months, we created CloudHotel Premium, which includes the excellent On-Page SEO Package.

If you need any further information or clarification, you can contact us.

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