Custom e-Commerce CloudShop

Alexandros Nasiopoulos on 11-04-2019. Modified on 12-09-2020
Custom e-Commerce CloudShop

What is custom e-Commerce CloudShop?

CloudShop is a custom platform for managing your online store, along with a beautiful and functional custom e-Commerce.

Simply put, we at Cloud O.E. have created the tools you need to manage your online store's products, customers, and orders, as well as all the content that will bring and keep your customers in your eCommerce.

Why did we create the custom e-Commerce CloudShop?

The first and foremost reason that led us to create the custom e-Commerce CloudShop, was to be able to adapt to the code of an online store all the modern Search Engine Optimization techniques we specialize in. This way we are confident that we can increase your customer base as more and more customers will find you in search engines.

This is not something we simply claim. It's something we can prove from our customer statistics.

We also created CloudShop just because …. we can! At Cloud OE, we have the knowledge and experience to create any web application with handwritten code from us. This allows us to offer our trusted businesses all the tools they need to create a successful online store. For more information, you can read our article on Custom Website Development Platforms.

How is CloudShop different from other online stores?

Our many years of experience in building online stores has driven us to want to offer more to our customers than a ready-made eCommerce. The idea behind the creation of CloudShop was to provide a lightweight, easy-to-run platform with technical support from our company Cloud O.E. and with all those features that a modern online store must have to be fully SEO Friendly or otherwise search engine friendly.

Using the Control Panel we have created, you can easily and quickly manage your online store. Through the Control Panel, you can manage products with their features, your customers, your orders and even add galleries or articles in all the languages ​​you want!

CloudShop is a multilingual tool that enables you to broaden your business horizons if you so desire. Because we have written the code ourselves, we have used the latest versions of all the "languages", which means that your online store will work for many years without errors and without having to pay for upgrades. Also CloudShop, has exactly the required code to make your online store as light as possible.

In this way, we have achieved excellent speed of loading, without having to host it on a 'powerful' server. We know every single line of code, as it is written by us, which means we can and do provide free technical support for your online store as long as your partnership with Cloud O.E.

How can custom e-Commerce CloudShop help your business?

Because few lines of text are not enough to describe the CloudShop online store, let's take a look at the benefits your business will have if you decide to become our customer.

After all, we all do it for you, our customers, and to keep you satisfied. We will not expand on this in order to keep you from getting tired, but we will outline the benefits briefly.

  • Increase your customer base as more and more customers will find you in search engines
  • Save the money you would spend on advertising and promoting your online store, because of increased organic traffic
  • Maintain your customer base because of the excellent user experience
  • Save time and effort on creating or editing the content of your online store, compared to other online stores
  • Save money and time as you do not have to pay and apply upgrades to your online store
  • Free technical support from our company
  • Free Server and Free Domain for as long as the cooperation with our company last

The best of all, is left last.

To help businesses that want a Custom e-Commerce but cannot afford it, we created CloudShop Starter.

For those of you who know that the return of investement on an excellent custom online store will be done in a few months and you want something more, we have created CloudShop Premium, which includes the On-Page Search Engine Optimization Package, which we are proud of!

To be able to satisfy all of our customers, we created CloudShop Basic, which is a more affordable, one-off, custom e-Commerce solution.

More information on CloudShop Starter, CloudShop Basic and CloudShop Premium can be found on our eCommerce page.

If you have any questions or need any clarifications do not hesitate to contact us or leave us a comment.

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