Custom business website CloudBlog

Alexandros Nasiopoulos on 12-07-2019. Modified on 19-09-2020
Custom business website CloudBlog

Custom business website CloudBlog 

CloudBlog is a custom web application that lets you manage the content of your business website. CloudBlog is part of our company Cloud O.E.'s products family. We've designed our products to give to the professionals who will trust us, the opportunity to rank high in search engines and increase their organic results.

The CloudBlog business website is a custom, dynamic content application. It includes the frontend, that is, the website that visitors see and the backend, that is, the administrator panel. You can manage the content of your website through the administrator panel. That is, you can edit and add e.g. menus, pages, articles, and galleries.

Throughout the life of our company, we have successfully created dozens of business websites with CloudBlog. Some examples are the G. Drosini Museum website, the Dionisios Kosmas website and the Palaio antique shop. We create the necessary code and embed in it all the SEO techniques and the appearance our customers want and they, in turn, choose the content, that is, texts and images, to fill their website.

As with our other products CloudShop, CloudHotel, and CloudPhoto, which are custom applications for eCommerce, and Hotel Website, so with the CloudBlog business website, our priority and focus at their creation was and always will be for us, SEO - Search Engine Optimization.

SEO on the CloudBlog business website

When we tell "custom application" it means that every single line of code on the CloudBlog business website is written by our experienced programmers. In Cloud O.E. we have invested time, money and effort in acquiring knowledge in the areas of programming and SEO. We provide this knowledge to our customers through our products.

We have incorporated in the CloudBlog code all the modern SEO techniques, which, with the right content, can takeoff the business website to the search engines.We've created exactly the amount of code a business website needs to be fast, lightweight and SEO Friendly, but not lacking in functionality.CloudBlog is only 18MB in size while an opensource Wordpress or Joomla is about 250-300MB in size. This way we achieve optimum speed of opening your website (just a few milliseconds), which is also an excellent factor for ranking your website in the search engines.We have used the most up-to-date 'libraries' of code to make your website appear correctly on all devices, namely PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. We have applied 'restrictions' to your website's dashboard that does not allow you to make 'SEO' errors when managing the content of your website.

For more information about our company's custom applications and their features, you can read our article Custom Platforms for Website Development.

The cost to purchase CloudBlog business website

As with our other CloudShop and CloudHotel products, we have decided to introduce CloudBlog in two packages so that we can serve all professionals. For this purpose, we created the CloudBlog Starter and CloudBlog Premium packages.

The CloudBlog Starter package is aimed at professionals who want a custom business website but cannot afford it, and we offer it with per year payment.

The CloudBlog Premium package is aimed at professionals who believe in the capabilities of a custom business website and want to give something more for their beloved business website. CloudBlog Premium includes the excellent On-Page SEO package which, with the right content, can takeoff your business website to the search engines.

For those who do not believe in the power of custom applications and want an opensource Wordpress or Joomla, we have the OpenSource Blog package that also most of our competition offers.

Finally, you can see a comparison between the above three packages and their features, on our Web Development page.

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