Backlinks: Which backlink to choose?

Konstantinos Roumeliotis on 09-10-2019. Modified on 19-09-2020
Backlinks: Which backlink to choose?

Backlinks: Which backlink to choose?

Backlinks are an integral part of SEO. Search engines see backlinks and understand if the website is trustworthy and deserves to be first in searches - Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). However, not all backlinks have the same importance. Some backlinks are more valuable than others.

But before analyzing each type of backlink separately, we need to know the factors that make one backlink more valuable than another.

Backlink Factors

  • One factor is the Search Authority of the website that gives us the backlink. You can find more about this factor in our Search Authority article.
  • Another factor is whether the backlink is do-follow or no-follow. A link called do-follow tells search engines to follow it because it is important. Instead, a link labeled as no-follow tells search engines not to follow it. But both types of backlinks are important as they bring traffic to our website. The new core update to Google's algorithm brings to light new types of links such as no-follow sponsored and it looks like no-follow links will now be appreciated.
  • The location of the link is also a factor in the value of the backlink. If a backlink is found between the words of an article it is more valuable than these we usually see in the footer or header.

The most important types of Backlink

  • Guest Posting Backlinks or Guest Blogging Backlinks

The best type of link to promote your website is to be referred by other websites to their texts - articles. By having high-quality content, many websites will want to mention you in their articles with a link. You can also publish your article yourself on a third-party website with a backlink - article submission, as long as your article is valuable and offers some usefulness to the visitor.

  • Profile Backlinks

Suppose you create a profile on a page, forum or business guide. During the registration process, you may be asked to set a link to your website. This link is a profile backlink. These links may be do-follow, maybe no-follow. Regardless of the type, they are counting as a backlink. Although not as important as guest posting, they are also useful for attracting visitors and building a search authority.

  • Comment Backlinks

Each blog has a space below each article where visitors can comment. Usually, on vulnerable opensource platforms, comment forms are exploited by spammers who link to their page to create backlinks. Instead, a remarkable comment with a link to a high-quality blog counts as a backlink. But how do search engines differentiate which comment link is important and which is not? First, they look at whether the blog is high-authority or if there are many comment links in the comments. If it is a high-authority then usually the links in the comments have been checked by the administrator and are trustworthy. Conversely, if there are many links to an article's comments then something maybe isn't right and the website may be unsafe. So comment backlinks are useful but they need to be done with caution. Any mistake may irreparably harm your website.

Something we would like to mention here is that Google has announced to the search console help that any attempt to manipulate the PageRank of a website or the ranking of a website in search results (which is called link building), violates its terms of service and the effort is penalized.

Link building is when you are solely trying to link your page to another website to gain backlinks, whether it is an article or a comment. On the other hand, if other articles or pages mention you naturally in their text without your interference (either paid or non-paid), there is no problem.

In summary, each of the above types of backlinks is important as long as you keep it moderate. We agree that your competitors are performing link building without being penalized "for now" and you also need to apply the same technique to reach them in SERPs. Backlinks, are essentially votes from other websites that your content is useful and recommend to their readers to read it. One tip that Google and we also provide to many of our articles, is that you can naturally earn backlinks from websites simply by creating useful, unique and high-quality content.

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