ArcadiaDeals from Cloud O.E.

Konstantinos Roumeliotis on 25-06-2018. Modified on 19-06-2020
ArcadiaDeals from Cloud O.E.

ArcadiaDeals from Cloud O.E.

Cloud O.E. Company

Cloud O.E. is a startup company that has been active in the Internet Services industry since early 2018. It uses cutting-edge technologies to deliver the best possible results to its customers. It continuously invests in training its staff in the areas of web development, search engine optimization, web hosting, graphic design and digital marketing.


ArcadiaDeals - was created by Cloud O.E. with love for our place of origin, Arcadia. ArcadiaDeals is the Arcadia online marketplace. Its purpose is to promote the business of Arcadia and stimulate the local market, and on the other hand to reduce the amount of money left outside Arcadia. In the app we created, Arcadia businesses can easily register their current offers with texts and images. Visitors to the platform can view all current offers as they search through categories. Anyone who wishes to make an offer can either print a coupon and visit the business, or buy it online through ArcadiaDeals and receive it at home (by paying by deposit or credit card).

How can ArcadiaDeals help Arcadia businesses grow?

  • Cloud O.E. has incorporated all the necessary SEO techniques into the ArcadiaDeals code and guarantees excellent search engine results.
  • We apply sophisticated Marketing strategies.
  • We're targeting ArcadiaDeals on search engines and social media.
  • We're increasing ArcadiaDeals' traffic daily through organic, social and referral searches.
  • We build personal contact with all professionals.
  • We distribute brochures throughout Arcadia.
  • We display local news and events through our blog.
  • We are constantly conducting lottery contests.

The acceptance

Within a few months of its launch, has managed to attract over 100 companies, which have submitted over 200 bids. Many of the companies immediately made sales, reaffirming their trust in the platform's services.


Using official google analytics data, we can safely say that within a few months of its launch, the bidding platform had at least 200 unique visitors daily. Increasingly, visitors in and out of Arcadia trust our bidding platform to keep up to date with current bids.

Seeing daily traffic and sales increase we, in turn, want to thank Arcadia businesses for their confidence and positive feedback that helped us grow. This confidence and the affirmation we experience daily, helps us evolve.

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